Internationalization for Java Web Applications.


This project was created after I had to use JSTL/fmt for a while. Usually, there is no problem using
<fmt:message key="your.key.value" />
But what happens when you need your button value to be internationalized?
<input type="submit" value="<fmt:message key="your.key.value" />" />
It gets really ugly and hard to read. Why? Because you opened a tag inside another tag.I really like Expression Language, so I decided to turn that code above into
<input type="submit" value="${i18n.your.key.value}" />
And that's it. All you need to do is add i18n. before your key value on a expression language.Ow! I almost forgot. Take a look at how to configure it to work this way (actually, you'll just need to copy it's configuration on your web.xml)